Building Commissioning is a specialized service that requires specific expertise to ensure your building project is successfully completed and all issues are identified and addressed. ┬áThe process begins during the building design phase with an independent design review. At the conclusion of the process, the owner is ensured with a functional building that meets Owner’s Project Requirement and Basis Of Design intent.

Our commissioning services include,

  • Building HVAC system
  • Domestic Hot Water system
  • Vacuum Plumbing system
  • Solar Hot Water system
  • Solar PV system
  • Rain Harvesting System

Lu+S ENGINEERS provides Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning services to LEED or non-LEED projects.

UR ModlinLu+S ENGINEERS also provides Building Envelope Commissioning to meet International Green Construction Code. Our process follows NIBS (National Institute of Building Sciences) Guideline 3-2012. We have incorporated our blow-door-test results into our design strategy on renovation projects to produce economical and functional solutions.